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  • The Lost Interview with February Grace, Author of “Godspeed”

    Back in September I was two months out of the hospital and about to have a very intense surgery on my hand and I thought, “Pfft. I can get back to my life as it was.” Oh, if only I knew seven months later I'd still be trying to achieve normalcy. Anywho, before I got […]

  • Interview with Erotica Writer Angelica Dawson, Author of Blue Moon House

    Hey friends! Welcome back to the pub! Today I'm very happy to introduce you to Angelica Dawson, author of the erotica novella, [amazon-product text=”Blue Moon House” type=”text”]B0094VGVKY[/amazon-product]. I just read the novella and if you like reading about hot vampires that can push you to your limits and beyond then you'll want to pick up […]

  • NEW REVIEW Karen Victoria Smith's Dark Dealings

    In Karen Victoria Smith's urban fantasy, [amazon-product text=”Dark Dealings” type=”text”]B007Z9DEEI[/amazon-product], the mystical world overlaps reality through sabotage, murder and magic. Investment banker Micaela O'Brien has spent her entire life trying to forget the day her parent's plane exploded over northern Dublin leaving her to explain how she was the sole survivor of the tragic event. […]

  • Review of Karen Wyle's Science Fiction Novel Twin Bred

    In Karen Wyle's science fiction novel, [amazon-product text=”Twin Bred” type=”text”]B005VDVHQ2[/amazon-product], humans have been living on a distant planet called Tofran for seventy years and have yet to find a way to communicate with the native species, the Tofa. The Tofa don't communicate through words, their faces are featureless so reading their expressions is out of […]

  • Interview with Heather Huffman author of Jailbird

    Hey friends! Today I'm very excited to have Heather Huffman, author of Jailbird, join us at the bar. I met Heather a few months ago through the lovely people at Booktrope and after reading her novel, Jailbird, I thought, “Karen, you need to interview this woman.” So, without further ado, here is the lovely Heather Huffman! […]

  • Review: Hope Road by John Barlow

    In [amazon-product text=”Hope Road” type=”text”]B006LWJ75K[/amazon-product], the first mystery in a series of nine books, John Barlow introduces us to John Ray, a son of a notorious criminal, who uses his father's past to save his friend's future. John Ray is the white sheep of the family, his father, Tony Ray, a used car dealer, was […]

  • Interview with YA Author Shay Fabbro

     Hello friends!! Welcome back to the pub for another fantastic interview. This author is no stranger to the pub and was a featured author on Writing on the Rocks last year. Dr. Shay Fabbro is back to talk about her YA series that contains the books Dangerous Reflections and Twisted Reflections.  KD:  Can you give us […]

  • Interview with Write for the Fight authors Tess Hardwick and Tracey M. Hansen

    Well friends it's been awhile since we've had someone stop by the pub for an interview but it's time to polish up the bar, set out the glasses and tap the keg. I have several reviews lined up which means that the pub is officially open again for your literary and imbibing pleasure! 😉 And […]

  • Review: Write for the Fight: A Seasonal Collection of Essays

    Statistics on breast cancer can be very scary, especially when you hear that every woman has a 12% chance of developing invasive breast cancer sometime in her life. Breast cancer affects us all. It takes away our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, friends and even ourselves. When I heard that authors Tess Hardwick and Tracey […]

  • New Review of the Serial Bone Wires by Michael Shean

    When I last reviewed Michael Shean's Bone Wires, a cyberpunk noir featured weekly on Curiosity Quills, Detective Daniel Gray had just found the first homicide victim missing his spine. Now in its fifteenth week, two more bodies were discovered with their spines removed adding pressure on Gray to solve the case. Since the beginning of […]