New Review of the Serial Bone Wires by Michael Shean

When I last reviewed Michael Shean's Bone Wires, a cyberpunk noir featured weekly on Curiosity Quills, Detective Daniel Gray had just found the first homicide victim missing his spine. Now in its fifteenth week, two more bodies were discovered with their spines removed adding pressure on Gray to solve the case. Since the beginning of the serial, Detective Gray had his sights on that amber shield and with the identity of the bone thief now known, but not yet captured, he has finally achieved the shield and notoriety he so desired. However, with the killer still on the loose and being forced to accept an assignment for a Senior Vice Detective, Gray is learning that the road to the success he dreamed of is not as smooth and steady as he once thought.

Bone Wires is my first dive into not only reviewing but reading a serial. I was curious about how the pacing would flow and so far the story has moved along nicely. Shean balances development of the case with the development of the characters beautifully within each installment. His placement of plot points, introductions of new characters along with the further development of existing characters are well thought out and keep the story moving fluidly from week to week.

As always I love reading Shean's descriptions of the dark and biting world that is Seattle in 2076. Shean continues to shine with his accounts of the architecture that make up the setting for this futuristic noir. Shean creates a mood where you can almost feel the heavy and oppressive weight of the darkness that emanates from the city under the haze of neon lights. Along that same note, his descriptions of the modifications these characters have done to themselves are downright chilling. If you want an example I suggest you read Part Eleven where Shean introduces James Black-Eyes, a man whose last name isn't a surname but a literal description of the man.

As I said in my previous review of Bone Wires I was concerned with the noir aspect in respect to Gray's character. I have to say as the story continues I can see more of the struggled, flawed character coming to the surface as layers of his personality are uncovered especially in regards to his relationship with Angie. I'm looking forward to seeing more of his struggles, how he finds were the bone thief is and how this new assignment involving the Senior Detective affects his newly appointed status as an amber shield.

Bone Wires is a serialized cyberpunk, noir story on Curiosity Quills every Thursday.