Yeah, I Pinned That

About 98% of readers of this blog find me via social networking. I have to say, I love Twitter; to me it's the biggest and best social networking site out there. I can connect to people I've never met and most of them actually follow me and care about what I have to say.  I have a Facebook account, both personal and professional but not a Google Plus because let's just face it, it's just regurgitating what I wrote on Twitter and Facebook.

With that last thought in my mind I was quite skeptical when Pinterest entered the realm of social networking. However, I admit that I was secretly interested. Over the years I've been collecting various craft ideas or project ideas for the kids or my husband and the idea of having them all in one place to pull from was pretty exciting.

Even with my increasing curiosity over the site, no one really said, YOU HAVE TO BE HERE! and I was already struggling under the weight of being a mom, a writer, a wife, a friend, a trainer, a bus driver, a twitter addict, amongst other things I didn't think I could handle one more hat.

But I couldn't deny the buzz that was going around the internet about this little site for long. A very good friend of mine, Janelle Jensen, wrote an in depth blog post about the dangers of the site in terms of copyright infringement. After reading her post I didn't think I would want to participate in it. However, after some prodding from several other friends (I'm looking at you, Veronica) I thought that the least I could do is go there and make up my own mind about it.

That was two weeks ago. I am now an addict. 

Yep, it's gone way past putting craft ideas all in one place. In fact, I have ONE craft idea pinned. Most of my time is spent drooling over sexy shoes, or wishing I had the money to buy the vintage dresses I'm finding or laughing at all the funny posters people are pinning.

At first I worried that I succumbed to another procrastination method, as if I needed another one. But I was having too much fun! Then when people started repinning what I pinned, or commenting on something I pinned I felt validated, appreciated, cool.

That's right, I pinned that. How do you like me now?

After about an hour fooling around I stumbled onto the travel pictures and my heart stopped. I found myself staring at a green path with a canopy of trees hanging over it forming a garden tunnel that led to a standing stone circle. The picture was taken in Ireland, a place I've been to and will return to in a heartbeat. Just seeing that picture lit a fire under my muse's ass and I started jotting down ideas.

After writing a few ideas I sat back in my chair and continued to stare at the screen. What else is on here? I started clicking through pictures, but not just of places or travels but of fashion, art, architecture.

Ideas started flooding my mind about what my character could wear in the bar scene, or what her boss's house could look like, or where their secret rendezvous could be held.

Inspiration right at my fingertips.

For me this site is more than just finding cool things to look at, or giving people an in depth look into my mind and personality. It has become a place I can go to look at things differently. I can go here to be inspired, to get ideas that I can incorporate into my writing.

For once I'm glad I gave into temptation and checked the site out. Thanks to Pinterest I created some nifty little ideas that I'm currently working out into scenes in my head. Finding inspiration can be difficult and the thought that this may help kick start my muse on off days, well then, who am I to complain?

And oh my God, have you seen these shoes? 😉

4 responses to “Yeah, I Pinned That”

  1. I signed up a while ago, but didn't really look at it until this week. I have to say, I am addicted. Shoes, clothing, food, home decor… There are pictures of everything. Love it!! 🙂

  2. I signed up because my daughter made me because she's completely addicted. Every meal they have, I swear, is from a recipe from Pinterest. She makes her own ant traps, body wash and detergent now. I refuse to go on because my next book is coming out and I'm buried with work and I know I'd be addicted too!

  3. Holly, yeah, it's quite addicting. It's just one more way to procrastinate so I try to keep my perusing until after I've done my work for the day. It's become almost a reward for me. 🙂