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  • Yeah, I Pinned That

    About 98% of readers of this blog find me via social networking. I have to say, I love Twitter; to me it's the biggest and best social networking site out there. I can connect to people I've never met and most of them actually follow me and care about what I have to say.  I […]

  • 2011 Most Popular Post – BUY ME! READ ME! REVIEW ME!… Talk to me.

    Hey friends! For the first half of last year I ran a blog site with my good friend, Susi Nonnemacher. Sharing a blog with her made crossing the line from obscurity into a public platform to share thoughts and ideas a little less daunting. Thanks to WordPress and their “Year in Blogging” stats I learned […]

  • Back to Reading

    Leave it up to me to make a liar out of myself. Two weeks ago I posted a story about my love of reading entitled Books, Books, Books…And Books. In the post I shared my love of the written word and how I can knock back between 5 and 8 books a week. I'm ashamed to say […]

  • Twitter: An Online Support Group For Writers

    Last week I reviewed a book by Steve Umstead, a writer I met on Twitter. I don't remember how I started following him, but I'm glad I did. Steve would tweet about the book he published and with his every tweet I got a little more curious about the novel. Even though the story was […]