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  • Bombs, Alarms and Castles… Oh My!

    Well, friends, what can I say… these past two days have been very interesting for us. I try to keep a very open mind, I do. I hate being judged or perceived to be a certain way based on past actions, or the way I look, sound, etc. But my entire life I have heard […]

  • A Drive Through the Countryside and Peeing Sheep

    We had high hopes for today… ok, not really, but we did have some plans that fell through. We drove up to Connemara National Park to walk around the grounds, but due to the rain and all around miserable day we didn't stay. In fact, we got out of the car, walked around the visitor's […]

  • A Dream Vacation

    Hello friends! Tomorrow night I leave for a trip of a lifetime! That's right, ladies and gents, my dream of visiting Ireland is about to come true. For 11 nights I'll be traveling the Emerald Isle's rolling hills taking in the sights, the sounds,¬†and the accents¬†(sigh). I'm just a tad bit excited, if you haven't […]