Review of Headhunters by Charlie Cole

In Charlie Cole's [amazon-product text=”Headhunters” type=”text”]B006CVIAJE[/amazon-product], Simon Parks is one of the best headhunters at Blackthorn, an antiterrorist cell operating outside the confines of the US government. But after losing his wife in a tragic car accident Simon relocates his family in hopes of leaving behind the spy game and focusing his attention on his two children. Only what Simon doesn't realize is that no matter how far away he runs he is forever tied to his past; a past that doesn't want to let him go.

From page one, Cole immerses his readers into a fast paced thriller where he orchestrates the twists and turns of a thriller suspense with fluid ease and expertise. Cole's tone and voice in the story is one of a seasoned writer and belies the fact that this is his debut novel. Cole's action sequences fly off the page with fast paced dialogue and the use of clever word choices that have your heart racing right along with Simon and his co-worker/love interest, Jessica.

Within the pages of Headhunters Cole creates the perfect blend of action and suspense that I found myself reading faster so I would know what happened next. My just one more page turned into just one more chapter which ended up being I'm finishing this book tonight. Cole's knowledge of weaponry, self-defense training and car chase maneuvers is abundant and nowhere did I feel the action lagged or worse, the impossible happened.

And while the action is where I felt Cole shined, it was his character of Simon Parks that held my interest throughout the story. Simon is the everyman's hero , a man forced to protect his family at any means necessary, and he does it well. Cole created a complex, thoughtful and inspiring man within Simon. His need to protect his family overshadows any dark dealings he needs to pursue in order to reach his goal. He has his faults, his misgivings and his opinions, but Simon, when it counts, does what needs to be done.

Not only does Cole tackle action and suspense with ease and expertise but he has incorporated a few sex scenes that could rival any popular romance novel out there. Being of the romance novel persuasion, I was pleasantly surprised with how well the scenes were not only written but placed in the story. They didn't seem forced or awkward, but added to the character development of both Jessica and Simon.

Headhunters should be on the top of your list if suspense/thriller is your genre. In fact, Headhunters should be on the top of your to read list if you just like reading a great story that holds your interest until the last page.


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Charlie Cole

Charlie Cole has spent the last 15 years as a professional headhunter. Before that he was a licensed private investigator in the State of Wisconsin. “Headhunters” is his first book. His follow-up novel “Suicide Doors” is currently being written. You can connect with Charlie on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and on his website. His book Headhunters is available on [amazon-product text=”Amazon” type=”text”]B006CVIAJE[/amazon-product], Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.

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