Tag: Book Review

  • Review of Romancing Olive by Holly Bush

    Olive's character starts off very naive in the book; not that she can't handle the horrors that the world can hold only that she hasn't had to. She was by no means extraordinary privileged growing up, but she did have the nicer things in life. She is absolutely appalled, but then again, who wouldn't be, […]

  • Review of Billy Purgatory: I am the Devil Bird by Jesse James Freeman

    What Billy Purgatory is is too big to be categorized into the confines of just one genre. Simply put, its a story about a ten year old skateboarder who could care less about the world around him. However, when he's faced with vampires and a monster he nicknamed the Time Zombie, Billy realizes that there […]

  • Sex and Car Crashes: The Making of Headhunters by Charlie Cole

    Happy Monday and Happy New Year, friends! I thought I'd start the year off by letting my dear friend Charlie hijack my blog for his post. Ok, lets face it, I'm still hung over from the weekend so anything from me would just be the random letters my forehead hit as it slapped against the […]

  • Review of Preying Angels by Jeff Davis

    When the Pacific Coast Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Building were impossibly hacked, FBI Agent Gabrielle Sinclair knows who did it but there is only one problem, she thought the man responsible was long dead. In her desperation to find answers, Gabby dives into the technical world to find the one person who can […]

  • Interview with Reveal author Brina Courtney

    Hello friends!! Well, its been sometime but the bar is officially back up and running! ┬áToday I'm super excited to be hanging out with Brina Courtney, author of the YA novel,┬áReveal. Why am I super excited, you ask? Not only is Brina a talented writer and friend but my knowledge of Brina goes way beyond […]