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  • Challenge to Myself: An Unedited Scene

    During NaNo I noticed a lot of people posting snippets of their writing and thought, “Hey! I should do that!” But then again, I also thought, “Hey! I should probably be working on my NaNo novel instead of talking on Twitter, or watching TV, or doing the dishes, or breathing.” Needless to say I did […]

  • Update 3/15

    Hi everyone! My WIP is moving along, a little slow, but with 2 very young, very active kids I'm lucky if I get 2 hrs a day to work on it, if that. But enough of the excuses. I am working on my favorite pre-writing research – character development. Last week I wrote out the […]


    Well thanks to a mysterious character with flashing blue eyes showing up in my contemporary romance and completely screwing everything up I have moved on to writing my first paranormal romance. That's right, the flashy eyed man captured my interest and his holding my muse hostage. Since I am at the mercy of my characters […]