Update 3/15

Hi everyone!

My WIP is moving along, a little slow, but with 2 very young, very active kids I'm lucky if I get 2 hrs a day to work on it, if that. But enough of the excuses.

I am working on my favorite pre-writing research – character development. Last week I wrote out the basic story, the history of the two kingdoms involved, how they came to be, why the war was started, how it'll end, etc. I have the story broken up into three parts and each part will be its own story focusing on one coupling.

So, with that foundation set, yesterday I started researching the characters. I had an image in my head for all six of the major players but I'm having difficulty finding a representation that I can use for two of the guys.

With this novel I've taken the advice and suggestions of several writers that say they find pictures of celebrities or models that look like the character they're writing about. It gives them a point of reference, something to study to get the features down, or at least its another set of eyes staring at you demanding that you write. Whatever the reason, I was curious to see if it helps and for the characters in which I found celebrities that matched my thoughts, its working great.

I found different pictures with various poses, clothing and facial expressions that aid in the character development that I'm writing. I almost feel like a Disney animator studying the way animals move and interact with each other. I just need a little mirror next to my computer so I can reference my own facial expressions if need be!

I think my problem with the two men I have yet to find matches for is that I have very specific features in my head. This is one of those times where I wish I could draw, but my creativity only goes as far as the stage and the written page.

Well, that's where I'm at. I usually don't plan out a story but with the elements of this one being so new to me I can't be my usual “pantser.” Although, I must say, plotting, developing and outlining this story is actually fun and exciting. Of course, I can't wait until I'm comfortable with the characters and story that I can just write, but discovering them is just as fun.