Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward

Holy Crap! So I just finished the third in the series and I am completely hooked, have been from about chapter 2 of the first book. It's pointless for me to sit here and write about how much I love this paranormal romance series so I'm just going to list the books in order and tell you that if you like vampires, sex, action, complicated characters, sex (did I mention that one already?) reoccurring characters throughout the series then you'll want to get your hands on this series.

Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)
Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2)
Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3)
Lover Revealed: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 5)
Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 6)
Lover Avenged (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 7)
Lover Mine: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9)

Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story: A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novella

The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide