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11 Questions of Badassery by Jesse James Freeman and SPECIAL GUEST

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Ladies and gents I'm super excited at the complete badassery that is happening in my bar today. It's Wednesday so that means I hand the reigns of my site over to last week's featured author and how could anyone forget the awesomely badass, Jesse James Freeman? Well, because Jesse is amazingly awesome he's changing things up a bit and I'm all for it. Over on Jesse's own site he runs an interview series called, "11 Questions of Badassery" that he is transplanting for the day into my little corner pub. The fact that he deems my humble establishment worthy of such badassery makes me want to get on top of the bar and do a little jig. I know what you're saying, "But Karen, you do that every night, how is this different?" The difference my friends? ... Well, I don't know, but this time its for a reason, not just because! Anyway, grab yourself a drink, settle in and get ready to witness some serious badassery at the Writing on the Rocks pub.