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  • Interview with Heather Huffman author of Jailbird

    Hey friends! Today I'm very excited to have Heather Huffman, author of Jailbird,¬†join us at the bar. I met Heather a few months ago through the lovely people at Booktrope and after reading her novel, Jailbird, I thought, “Karen, you need to interview this woman.” So, without further ado, here is the lovely Heather Huffman! […]

  • The Lost Romantic

    What happens when you can no longer write what you want to write? I write romance, er, well, I used to. It always felt right to me. It was not uncommon for my mind to drift off during the day and find myself dreaming of romantic gestures, sensual dialogue and even steamy sex scenes. This […]

  • Romance Genre Challenged! Is There a Support Group? by Holly Bush

    Romance Genre Challenged! Is There a Support Group? Let me preface this by saying I don't care what anyone else reads or does in the privacy of their own bedroom or spaceship. But the new sub-genres of romance books are downright confusing and sometimes I have to think really hard¬† to imagine, envision or even […]

  • Interview with Holly Bush author of Romancing Olive

    KD: When and how did Olive's story come to you? HB: I'm not sure how to explain this without sounding odd but I see my characters in my head. They lodge themselves there. I saw Olive seated on the train west to Ohio, purse strings looped over her arm, bonnet tied and traveling coat buttoned-up, […]

  • Review of Romancing Olive by Holly Bush

    Olive's character starts off very naive in the book; not that she can't handle the horrors that the world can hold only that she hasn't had to. She was by no means extraordinary privileged growing up, but she did have the nicer things in life. She is absolutely appalled, but then again, who wouldn't be, […]

  • My Escape to Panera

    If you follow me on the Have Coffee .Will Write blog you know that last week was a tough week for me as a mom and a writer. I was fed up with trying to do everything for everyone and not having any time for myself as a writer. I have to say that the […]