Challenge to Myself: An Unedited Scene

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

During NaNo I noticed a lot of people posting snippets of their writing and thought, “Hey! I should do that!” But then again, I also thought, “Hey! I should probably be working on my NaNo novel instead of talking on Twitter, or watching TV, or doing the dishes, or breathing.”

Needless to say I did not finish NaNo this year, something that irks me to no end. (It’s not so much that I didn’t finish a project, it’s that I couldn’t complete the challenge. There is a difference in my mind.)

However, there is one thing I can do to placate my need to meet challenges I enforce on myself. I can post a completely unedited scene from my work. Eep! After not looking at it for a couple of weeks I cringe at some of the parts but you know what… who cares? I did it and I’m challenging myself to show you guys something that is rough, a bit rambly, and well, not polished; far from it, in fact.

What some of you may not understand is that very few people see an unpolished version of myself. Even if I post weird or crazy pictures of myself or tell embarrassing and funny stories I scrutinize over them. I try and guess how they will be perceived and interpreted. So enjoy this rare look at my work. I’m feeling oddly free and careless today. It doesn’t happen often. 🙂



Flower Shop Scene…

Betty’s Flower Shop was located on the corner of Turner and MacIntosh and just a block away from Tony’s office, which meant that Lena frequented the establishment often. Even though the thought of buying flowers for Tony’s mistresses made her squirm, especially since he rarely ordered any for his wife, Lena loved going into the shop. (more…)

Update 3/15

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

Hi everyone!

My WIP is moving along, a little slow, but with 2 very young, very active kids I’m lucky if I get 2 hrs a day to work on it, if that. But enough of the excuses.

I am working on my favorite pre-writing research – character development. Last week I wrote out the basic story, the history of the two kingdoms involved, how they came to be, why the war was started, how it’ll end, etc. I have the story broken up into three parts and each part will be its own story focusing on one coupling.

So, with that foundation set, yesterday I started researching the characters. I had an image in my head for all six of the major players but I’m having difficulty finding a representation that I can use for two of the guys.

With this novel I’ve taken the advice and suggestions of several writers that say they find pictures of celebrities or models that look like the character they’re writing about. It gives them a point of reference, something to study to get the features down, or at least its another set of eyes staring at you demanding that you write. Whatever the reason, I was curious to see if it helps and for the characters in which I found celebrities that matched my thoughts, its working great.

I found different pictures with various poses, clothing and facial expressions that aid in the character development that I’m writing. I almost feel like a Disney animator studying the way animals move and interact with each other. I just need a little mirror next to my computer so I can reference my own facial expressions if need be!

I think my problem with the two men I have yet to find matches for is that I have very specific features in my head. This is one of those times where I wish I could draw, but my creativity only goes as far as the stage and the written page.

Well, that’s where I’m at. I usually don’t plan out a story but with the elements of this one being so new to me I can’t be my usual “pantser.” Although, I must say, plotting, developing and outlining this story is actually fun and exciting. Of course, I can’t wait until I’m comfortable with the characters and story that I can just write, but discovering them is just as fun.


Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Well thanks to a mysterious character with flashing blue eyes showing up in my contemporary romance and completely screwing everything up I have moved on to writing my first paranormal romance. That’s right, the flashy eyed man captured my interest and his holding my muse hostage. Since I am at the mercy of my characters I must follow in their lead and write this story. The only problem is, I have no idea what the actual story is about. I’ve tried asking this peeper flashing man what he’s all about, but so far he’s a little shifty and avoiding me. The nerve of some people.

All joking aside, I am working on a paranormal romance that involves a royal family of two brothers and a sister all given a special gift to use in the war against their enemies. (Can you tell how far I’ve gotten with this concept? The enemy doesn’t even have a name yet) A prophecy tells of three people from our world that will come and aid in the war.  I’ve come up with the abilities of the royal family and the three that will help them but there is so much more to develop.

Since this concept is new to me and the idea of this story is only a day old, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I have some major brainstorming and research to do. I am also infamously known to be a very indecisive person. Don’t be surprised if I post again in a little bit saying how the book is about chainsaw welding fairies and the men that love them. It could happen.

I’ll try to keep you updated as the story comes together or at least give you a synopsis of what the story is; heck, the characters may actually have names by then!

Happy writing!