Month: March 2011

  • Twitter: An Online Support Group For Writers

    Last week I reviewed a book by Steve Umstead, a writer I met on Twitter. I don't remember how I started following him, but I'm glad I did. Steve would tweet about the book he published and with his every tweet I got a little more curious about the novel. Even though the story was […]

  • Books, Books, Books…And Books

    If you told me three years ago that I would read between 5 and 8 books a week I would laugh uncontrollably to the point that bladder control would become a huge issue. As an English major I would read between 8 and 12 books a semester, so after four years well, you do the […]

  • My Escape to Panera

    If you follow me on the Have Coffee .Will Write blog you know that last week was a tough week for me as a mom and a writer. I was fed up with trying to do everything for everyone and not having any time for myself as a writer. I have to say that the […]

  • Gabriel's Redemption by Steve Umstead

    When writers write to be published they usually have a specific audience in mind. A contemporary romance author probably isn't thinking of what a reader generally prone to fantasy will think of her novel. However, I feel that one of the greatest compliments an author can receive is when someone outside of their targeted audience […]

  • What Do Non-Irish People Do On St. Patrick's Day?

    We drink, duh. Before I continue with my post you're probably a little confused about the above statement in reference to the title. You're most likely thinking, “She's not Irish? But she has red hair?” And a temper so watch it. No, ladies and gentlemen, I'm not Irish, there is no Irish in me no […]

  • Update 3/15

    Hi everyone! My WIP is moving along, a little slow, but with 2 very young, very active kids I'm lucky if I get 2 hrs a day to work on it, if that. But enough of the excuses. I am working on my favorite pre-writing research – character development. Last week I wrote out the […]

  • Jessica Z by Shawn Klomparens

      Twitter is an amazing thing. Just last week I spoke to author Shawn Klomparens and at first it was nothing special. Just “hey, you're a writer, how's it going?” But then we started talking about his books, his characters. As a new writer trying to find her place in this industry it was awesome […]

  • My Writing Environment

    When I think of writers sitting down in their offices to write their next bestseller I don't picture a dining room table littered with Barbie dolls, play food, notebooks, sippy cups and used tissues. But alas, that is my office. We bought this old house back in 2005, before kids, before dogs, before I knew […]


    Well thanks to a mysterious character with flashing blue eyes showing up in my contemporary romance and completely screwing everything up I have moved on to writing my first paranormal romance. That's right, the flashy eyed man captured my interest and his holding my muse hostage. Since I am at the mercy of my characters […]

  • Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward

    Holy Crap! So I just finished the third in the series and I am completely hooked, have been from about chapter 2 of the first book. It's pointless for me to sit here and write about how much I love this paranormal romance series so I'm just going to list the books in order and […]